Italo brass with techno and electro influences



The devil doesn’t sleep – he dances

MEFISTO BRASS’ success story began in 2019 on the streets of Milan, where the devilishly casual street band immediately caused a stir with their original repertoire and unusual compositional style. The Italo quintet has always been captivated by electronic sounds colliding with techno beats, which are then reworked to suit the orchestration, which solely combines wind and percussion instruments. The band quickly found its way onto the Milan scene, then subsequently made a name for themselves throughout Italy. 

But they weren’t only limited to street performances: Mefisto Brass was soon also booked to perform at renowned clubs, concert halls and festivals.

 After a host of live gigs and a year of experimenting and composing, the five-piece released their first EP “Amhardcore” in 2020, which included all the stylistic elements we’ve come to expect from them. In 2024, they released their album “Totem”, which is supernaturally rhythmic and incredibly captivating. The devil doesn’t sleep – he’d rather dance.


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