Brass from the steel city



Street dust shines on stage

Covered in street dust yet radiantly glittering on stage: BLECHSALAT, the smallest brass band in the world, straddles these two worlds with a minimalist line-up that packs a punch. While they may have started their career on the streets of eastern Austria, they have long since stormed concert stages nationwide. Nowadays, the Linz quartet’s rousing shows combine sophisticated stage sounds with performative street art. 

The brass from the steel city makes your soul and feet dance, without giving any consideration to genre boundaries.

This down-to-earth foursome expands its own repertoire using well-known material that is put through a creative juicer until the end result unmistakably reflects the sound of Blechsalat. Wildness, humour and romance simply go hand in hand. But audiences can also look forward to a saxophonist playing upside down, a disco glitter tuba and a number of surprises.