Bombastische Dancefloor-Balance


Su 09.04. 17:30 The Yurt, Lech

Multifaceted sound battle

ZANSHIN–a.k.a. Gregor Ladenhauf–is a sound artist and producer of electronic music fromVienna.His melodious stage name is borrowed from a concept in Japanese martial arts and roughlytranslates as “balanced mind”. This name also reflects his many interests: 

Zanshin releases his music on both “Affine Records” and “disko404”, and produces a wide variety of remixes and pieces – from driving, polyrhythmic dancefloor tracks to experimental sound structures.

His live performances arelegendary, in which he arranges tracks in real time andcreates energetic sound experiences of thehighest order. As a DJ, he takes great pleasure in simply playing good music to dance to–be itmodern techno/bass music or house with a strong funk and jazz touch. A dancefloor balance couldnot be more grandiose.