Rosy prospects for home organ fans


Su 31.03. 21:30 Hotel Edelweiss, Zürs

Rosy prospects for home organ fans

They’re back! Ten years after consigning themselves to the museum of music and giving a brilliant farewell concert at which companions such as “Bilderbuch” and Violetta Parisini said goodbye, David Kleinl and Kristian Musser – also known as TANZ BABY! – have returned to the limelight. About time! The smooth duo always considered returning to the stage in the back of their minds. In their final interviews, the two men from Eisenstadt – who founded their colourful band project in the winter of 2005 – declared:

“Don’t be sad that we’re going our separate ways. We’re only doing it so we can make a comeback in 2023!”

Two men who keep their promise. It’s finally time to sway to the home organ again, and these two elegant gentlemen are at last capturing their audiences’ hearts with timeless songs about love and everything that goes with it. With their comeback revue “Liebe und Meer” (love and sea), “Tanz Baby!” are putting on a show that is bursting with beautiful songs. They’re also taking their audience to places where roses even bloom in winter. Spoiler alert: Zürs and Stuben are in the mix. Those are definitely rosy prospects!


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