Intoxicating mix of Balkan beats and gypsy grooves

SHANTEL & The Bucovina Club Soundsystem


Bow down to the king of the Balkan dancefloor

Ever since his international mega-hit “Disko Partizani”, SHANTEL has been regarded as the undisputed “King of the Balkan dancefloor” and guarantees a great atmosphere by creating all-encompassing euphoria with his intoxicating mix of Balkan beats, gypsy grooves, freestyle electronica and Russian disco. In 2006, the musician and producer – born Stefan Hantel in Mannheim – became the first German artist to win the BBC World Music Award and reach the top of the European world music charts.

His album “Bucovina Club” was also crowned the best production of the year by the English magazine “Songlines” and celebrated by the international press.

His own family story and resulting multi-layered musical socialization made it clear to him early on that music knows no borders: Shantel merges Greek, Anatolian and southern European sounds to create a cosmopolitan whole that is considered both an audible and danceable journey. At the Tanzcafé Arlberg Music Festival, the multi-faceted world musician will also ignore any barriers, instead opting to storm the senses on the Arlberg. He deserves to become legendary!


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