Resi Reiner


A lust for vices

RESI REINER’s career began as an actress, but for almost two years now, the Graz-born performer hasalso been present on the indie pop stage. While she initially sang about her longing for Italy, hersound is now somewhere between coronavirus blues and having a hangover. In the best sense of theword, of course. For RESI REINER, everything is somehow okay and yet nothing is good.  

In her newanti-hit earworm “Naja, geht so”, she sings about the vice of disorientation and the feeling of notknowing how or where to go.

The lyrics are wonderfully easy on the ear, saying “I mostly pretend andlook for a job”, and we find ourselves nodding in agreement. After all, while the world is racingaround us, our own heads just don’t want to work. Resi Reiner doesn’t needmany words to pour thefeelings of an entire generation into song and make the in-between world between depression andmelancholy sound cheerful and easy. You can’t help but sing along and feel less alone.