Tight grooves and fresh hooks


Fr 12.04. 22:30 The Cottage, Lech

It couldn’t be more energetic

Both funky yet rocky – this is the sound emanating from the engaging alternative pop of the Viennese band PROHASKA, which stands out from the bland pop uniformity with its exciting independence. This hip five-piece whips dance-crazed crowds into a frenzy with tight grooves, fresh hooks, blaring horns and glittering shirts as part of their rousing live shows.

In their songs, they pick apart the stereotypical values and goals of the “Achiever Generation” with a healthy dose of irony – without ever pointing the finger.

Prohaska’s sound is reminiscent of the infectious beats of Jan Delay, Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson, and comes across as incredibly casual yet amazingly powerful. Their music certainly wouldn’t feel out of place in a hip New York underground club. It couldn’t be more energetic: if you don’t find yourself dancing along, perhaps you ought to get your hearing tested? 


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