Vollblutiger US-Soul und Funk


Fr 14.04. 22:00 Scotch Club, Lech

A coherent rollercoaster ride for the soul

When the soul band MORELAND storms the stage, there is a real risk that toes will start twitchinguncontrollably, hearts will melt and it will be hard to stay sitting down. Following in the footsteps ofMarvin Gaye, James Brown and Aretha Franklin, the thoroughbred soul and funk singer DwightMoreland from Atlanta sings his way straight into the hearts and legs of the audience. 

His band, which brings every club to boiling point with razor-sharp grooves and buttery melodies, adds evenmore goosebumps, allowing the audience to go on a soulful rollercoaster ride of emotions.

In addition to self-penned songs, the fabulous formation also has many sparkling pearls from theinternational soul scene in its repertoire. This gig for your body and soul goes straight to the heart!