Support Act for Julian Le Play



Support Act for Julian Le Play

Since 2017, singer-songwriter MONA IDA has been shaping engaging sounds from the shores of Lake Constance in Bregenz into stories that sometimes come with a sense of purpose, and sometimes don’t. Since the summer of 2019, she’s not been working alone but happened to meet fellow musician Patrick Fahser on a tour of the Province.

In actual fact, the fork in the road at a Vorarlberg crossroads was actually reciprocal. In other words, it was love at first sound – and that feeling is still going strong.

Since then, perfectionism has combined with minimalism, while two guitars and two voices harmonize to tell stories with a little more meaning and sometimes without any particular meaning at all. However, the aesthetics of everyday life resonate with this poetic couple, resulting in enchanting songs that bring a blissful smile to their audience’s faces.


Photographs will be taken at this event. The images may be published on the website, social media channels and print media for marketing purposes.