Moderner Indie-Swing aus Wien

Marina & The Kats


Update: The concert is postponed to 9 p.m.

Be swingified!


If you don’t yet know MARINA & THE KATS, firstly you’re missing out, and secondly you need to knowthis: three of the four band members play the drums. “The ‘Shared Drums’ concept doesn’t make iteasier, but it makes our sound richer,” the band believes. And they’re not wrong, given that this isprecisely the M&TK trademark–their utterly unique sound cannot be reproduced a second time.

Their sound drives the songs mercilessly, making sure that no one at the concerts can escape thispassionate indie swing.

The band, which was initially a three-piece but has since grown to a quartet,has been one of the most exciting and thrilling bands in the country–if not Europe–for years. As faras swing is concerned anyway. Anyone who has experienced this rhythmic bundle of energy live has long since been hopelessly addicted to the four-piece. If you’re yet to enjoy this concert experience,you can look forward to a mind-blowing musical moment!