Austria’s soul and R&B wonder

Lou Asril



LOU ASRIL has been labelled a “soul/R’n’B wonder” for quite some time. At the age of 11, themultitalented musician began classical piano training, and at 15, he performed his own songs onstage forthe first time. At 17, he was number one at the Joe Zawinul Awards and toured the studiosof Los Angeles before going his own way. The perfect combination of mystery, safety and emotionalpower also surrounds his new song “Feelings”, which brilliantly reflects how to transport theunfathomable charisma of the music magician. A soulful swamp of hazy feelings builds into anacoustic flood that spontaneously carries you away. “Feelings” is one of the most intense songs onLou’s EP “Retromix21”, on which soul,R’n’B, hip hop, dance/EDM pop and house are expertly fusedtogether. While lustful, smooth, enchanting and intense, his songs make an appeal for freedom fromfear and authenticity, and underline what has been clear for a long time: Lou has soul, Lou has style,Lou has it all.