Bittersüße Pop-Poesie



Rough voice, soft heart

Cool and approachable, relaxed and playful, raw and bittersweet: unlike any other, pop poet LEMOmanages to pour the whole emotional palette of (his) life intosongs that have the potential to beabsolute hits, and yet never get bogged down in shallowness. 

His very first single “Vielleicht derSommer”, which immediately stormed into the Top 25 of the Austrian charts, paved the way for awhole series of other successful hits.

It’s no wonder, then, that he has won the Amadeus Award for“Best Songwriter” four times in four years. He is a brilliant live musician to boot: supported by a greatband, the exceptional artist tours across Austria and Germany, captivating the audience withnonchalant naturalness and an unmistakable voice. His songs are like a diary, in which euphoria isgiven just as much space as melancholy, and it’s almost as though you’ve met a friend while lookingover your own shoulder. In autumn 2022,his second album “Irgendwas mit 30” was released, and itfocuses on growing up, searching for new paths and leaving familiar ones behind, and definitely doessomething to you.