A timeless mix of pop and jazz


We 03.04. 20:30 Ullrhaus, St. Anton

A fantastic show

LAURA BILGERI never wanted to be pigeonholed. The 28-year-old globetrotter, who regularly travels between the land of opportunity and the land of mountains, feels just as comfortable in front of the camera as she does singing on stage. Her creative talent is no coincidence: her father Reinhold is known as a musician, writer and filmmaker. Her mother Beatrix enjoyed success as a model and actress and was also there when Laura made her cinema debut at the age of 14 in “Der Atem des Himmels” (“The Breath of Heaven”). 

Five years later, she made the leap to Hollywood, where she worked alongside Wesley Snipes, among others. But right now, the Barbra Streisand fan is putting her heart and soul into music.

At the beginning of the year, her song “Shadows” was released as the second single from her highly anticipated debut album, on which she mixes the autobiographical with the fictional, and meanders from jazz to pop. Coupled with her stage presence, Laura Bilgeri is sure to put on a fantastic show when she performs in St. Anton.


During this event, photographs will be taken. The images may be published for marketing material on the website, social media channels and print media.