Magical pop poetry



It’s a kind of magic

You’re bound to get goose bumps as soon as JULIAN LE PLAY’s unmistakable voice soars. And there’s quite simply magic in the air. As a boy, the Viennese pop poet dreamed of a career in music and fortunately never gave up on this dream:

otherwise, we would never have found out why “Zugvögel” soar through the air without fear, how life plays out with and without “Mr Spielberg”, and when it feels like “Woodstock”. In short, you could become addicted to Julian le Play’s songs, which are as dreamy as they are encouraging.

And ‘addicted’ might just be the right word: his new album “Tabacco”, released in summer 2023, celebrates the most human of all addictions – longing and thus the desire to feel, experience and enjoy without restraint. An emotional melange that is purely magical. His performance on the Tanzcafé festival stage in Lech also promises to be enchanting. After all, his melodic flair is known to move mountains.