Tanzcafé Arlberg Nightline x Soundkantine


Tu 02.04. 23:00 Vernissage Bar, Zürs

Attention all night owls

The “Tanzcafé Arlberg Nightline” - hosted by Soundkantine – this year celebrates its debut and with top acts from the electronic music scene will bring the end of the season Arlberg nightlife back to a new level.

The start is something not to be missed: The Austro-Brazilian Joyce Muniz is not only a fixed star in Viennese club culture, but also plays shows all over the world week after week. Look forward to intoxicating electro house, sensual electronic funk, drum'n'bass and trip-hop tracks, eighties synths and hip-hop beats!

DJ support: Mighty Mottl, Superflausch


Showtime Joyce Muniz: ca 01.00 


Photos will be taken at this event. The pictures may be published for marketing purposes on the website, social media channels and print media.