Tanzcafé Arlberg Nightline x Soundkantine



Sound universe

Supported by the Soundkantine hosts Mighty Mottl and Superflausch, this year's Tanzcafé Arlberg Music Festival will also have the dancefloor bouncing into the early hours! For the Italo Brutalo DJ set, Haus Mathies in Zürs will be revived as Club Matthias.

The Berlin DJ is known for his flashy, fast and unconventional sound and for his love of cross-genre boundless grooves. EBM rhythms have just as much a place with him as jagged techno motifs or detours into electro, Italo and Afrocosmic.

Audiomed, Mighty Mottl, Superflausch, Ceteon and Mocap also provide a rhythmic all-round package over two floors.


Showtime Italo Brutalo: approx. 01.00 hrs
Location: Matthias im Haus Mathies (formerly Ullrhaus)


Photographs will be taken at this event. The images may be published on the website, social media channels and print media for marketing purposes.