Alpine feel-good pop


Fr 05.04. 13:30 Street Food Festival Trittkopf, Zürs

Anything but taciturn

“Kummowa” is not only the life motto adopted by multi-instrumentalist HOLZA, but it is also the name of the debut album by this fun-loving Lower Austrian, who is as much of a dab hand at the accordion as he is at the guitar, piano and drums. But the musician also makes the most of his voice and is anything but lazy with this additional instrument. 

He combines reggae beats with dancehall, folk and alpine pop in a relaxed yet easy-going manner, while inspiring his audiences with ambiguous lyrics, self-irony and plenty of humour. Holza wants to embrace life and convey this sentiment in a tangible way.

On his tracks, he sings away the stresses of everyday life, calls for an all-encompassing feel-good time with friends and family, and even pokes fun at grumpy compatriots with a cheeky wink. This results in feel-good pop at its best, which is twice as much fun live. Holza really comes into his own in front of an audience. 


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