Hearts Hearts


What the heart desires

When HEARTS HEARTS released their debut album “Young” in 2015, the dazzling Viennese quartetwith strong Vorarlberg roots was more at home in the indie art rock corner than in the clubby popuniverse. Countless live shows and festival gigs later, Austria’scharismatic answer to “Radiohead”has consciously stepped away from machines and gone back to the drawing board to see what elsetheir musical craft can do besides melancholic introspection. After three long years working on thealbum and starting over 80songs, their third studio album “Love Club Members” was finally released.On it, the band really puts itself in a new light: empathy now replaces irony, the stylistic spectrum is broader than ever, and their pop-musical opening touches hearts and ears alike. With songs like“Wild at Heart” and “The Fan”, the notion of creating “headphone albums” is long gone and HEARTSHEARTS are suddenly being played in clubs for the first time.