Positive pop vibes with reggae beats


Su 31.03. 14:00 Burg Hotel, Oberlech

Opening concert

Music from paradise: thoroughbred musician FRINC promises no less, mixing pop with Afrobeats, hip hop, reggae and world music, and combining this unearthly mix of sounds with catchy German lyrics that really get under your skin. And into your soul, too. FRINC has always been at home on the stage, since he previously sang and played the accordion alongside “folkshilfe” under his real name – Florian Ritt. Since a trip to Bali, he has also been treading his own musical paths, which revolve around letting go and also encouraging others to let go.

FRINC champions “good vibrations” every day, because things will turn out differently anyway. With songs such as “Lass los” and “Hallo Anna”, he started leaving his mark on the German-speaking music scene.

In addition to several Spotify editorial playlists featuring his songs and over 100,000 monthly listeners, his first major live highlight was on a joint tour, supporting “GReeeN”. His first headline tour followed in autumn 2022, with a paradisaically great band, who will also let him reach for the stars at his concert in Lech. This is how positivity works, enticing you to dance and sing along.


During this event, photographs will be taken. The images may be published for marketing material on the website, social media channels and print media.