Exquisitely stylish sound bites



Swing with a smile!

The sounds served up by FREDDIE’S FINEST are well worth a listen: after all, the lively quartet has always spiced up melodic delicacies with extravagant specialities. Swing music from the 1920s to the present day fits seamlessly alongside Viennese songs, musette, gypsy jazz and numerous original compositions. 

Accompanied by their extravagant line-up – clarinet, accordion, guitar and double bass – the fine foursome s(w)ing, groove and dance with their audience throughout the evening.

And it goes without saying that their singing is not a mere afterthought either. They tell musical stories about life and love, and anything imaginable in between. And everything is always sprinkled with a touch of humour and the odd wink. After all, it’s best to swing with a smile on your face!


Photographs will be taken at this event. The images may be published on the website, social media channels and print media for marketing purposes.