Tolle Hechte mit Schlagersehnsucht



We invite you to fish!

With the great pikes of the FISCHKOPF-COMBO, charm meets smarm, a desire for hits meets livepassion and a lovable troupe of exceptional musicians hits the bull’s eye. 

After all, when thesegentlemen–who are anything but slick–don their famously fishyhats to dive into the shallows ofthe pop world, the sun rises.

Particularly for those who appreciate good old-fashioned couple dances,which experience shows is twice as much fun with sophisticated live music. So if you want to packyour swimming trunks to the beat of “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie”, lose your grip on the ground with“Volare” and don’t feel stepped on when someone says “May I have the pleasure”, you’ve docked inthe right home port–the aquarium of high spirits.