Look around

The best songs are based on the best stories. And ideally, they are true: since AVEC’s first EP “Heartbeats” was released in 2015, the exceptional Austrian musician has been skilfully shaking upour impressions of what we thought we knew about deeply honest pop music. And successfully so. With over 85 million streams on Spotify, AVEC has long since made it onto the international stage. She bagged her first Amadeus Award in 2019, followed by the Music Moves Europe Talent Award and winning the Female Spotify Campaign.

Her single “Under Water”, which won a gold award, is a local cultural treasure and AVEC is one of the few Austrian artists who is played on alternative radio, yet is also suitable for the masses.

It’s no wonder really that superstar James Blunt invited her to go ontour with him last year. AVEC released a new song in autumn called “Look Around”, issuing a wake-up call denouncing hate and envy, yet that is full of hope. Itis precisely this uplifting spirit that she issharing in Lech