Landler & punk, rap & polka, electronic & dialect.

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Landler & punk, rap & polka, electronic & dialect.

Programme change: Due to illness, Granada unfortunately cannot play on the festival stage in Lech on 6 April. Thank goodness for Attwenger, who have decided to rock the Tanzcafé Arlberg without further ado.

Attwenger are Hans-Peter Falkner (accordion, vocals) and Markus Binder (percussion, jew's harp, vocals), who have earned a reputation as the most inimitable band between Linz and overseas with their mix of trap slang, country fiction, kraut and turnip music, mental criticism, dialect groove, electronica and polka punk. Twice unanimously voted Band of the Year by music journalists, the two virtuoso rascals released their 9th studio album "drum" in 2021 - a long overdue boomer production, according to the pair.


DJ Support and Warmup: Mocap, Ceteon

Support Act: ARAI

From a purely visual point of view, ARAI could be mistaken for a quirky “Saltburn” character who likes glittery jackets and would not look out of place in a plush nightclub. All in all, the Viennese multi-instrumentalist loves eccentricity and drama – after all, it’s not for nothing that he named his debut concept album “Drama Pop”. Electronic house and hip-hop beats meet powerful choral passages and bombastic orchestral elements. Merged with synth sounds and numerous instrumental combinations, the result is a gripping sound of contrasts where anything goes. Lyrically, ARAI draws on his own emotional world and sings about lover’s grief, self-doubt and shyness. This exceptionally talented virtuoso can even transform cat allergies into a hit. Despite releasing a single of the same name, this drama king is far from being a “Little Stupid Boy”: whenever ARAI is on the label, you’re bound to encounter great entertainment and plenty of glamour. The Arlberg is sure to fall at the feet of this Viennese wonder boy.



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