5/8erl in Ehr’n feat. Jazzorchester Vorarlberg


Viennese Soul meets Ländle Vibes

5/8ERL IN EHR’N has Vienna’s DNA in its blood and soul. The inimitable singing of this equallycharming yet eloquent quintet combines exceptionally beautiful lyrics, while edgy irony reflectingeveryday life in Austria is incorporated into dreamy excursions in the countryside. Schnitzel meetsSchnitzler: as it should be! The equally powerful yet delicate sound of the Achterln has always beencharacterized by energetic soul, funk and reggae, while giving tender ballads as much room as fast-paced grooves.

To mark the opening of the Tanzcafé Arlberg Music Festival 2023, the 5/8erl voices will be joined by the VORARLBERG JAZZ ORCHESTRA: the combination of Viennese soulists with a contemporary bigband line-up will be a fantastic East-West meeting that is sure to move mountains.

When a dazzlingbrass section twinkles between the thirds of a two-part song or ecstatic solos reiterate what has justbeen sung, then this is much more than a large-scale orchestral expansion. It lends the pieces awhole new dimension. It’s wonderful that such lush programmes can still be put together in theseaustere times.